Hurri Cosmo


My first FREE READ!

This is my first ever free read! I am very excited about it. This was a picture prompt HERE along with a letter:

Dear Pervert,
I was been looking for a house to rent and being a omega wolf in the city, one of my rules was to never to live around an alpha. It just doesn't works. Being smaller and weaker I wouldn't be able to fend advances, specially in mating season. A friend of mine told me there was this omega looking for a roommate and, well, the rent fit in my budget, the house was nice, and I accepted. When I got there, to my surprise the man was huge and looked anything but an omega, but I couldn't smell alpha in him and he was pretty nice, so I thought maybe he was just a human and my friend made a mistake. But after one week, I started to notice some changes in his behavior, and consequently in mine. Maybe I've made a mistake after all.

I have a tiny excerpt which you can check out HERE. I will also be doing character interviews and giving you a look inside Hyden's home plus, of course, the book video should be along shortly. Keep coming back because eventually I will add the download link!