Hurri Cosmo



"Forgetting Yesterday" will be available November 2. This is actually the first book I've written since the whole Silver Publishing thing happened, so a real milestone for me. I hope you like it! Below is the blurb, click HERE for an excerpt.


Seth has never had much luck with men. Why he is constantly attracted to the gorgeous straight guy who always ends up ripping out his heart is something only a psychologist would be able to understand. Seth only knows he needs to stay away from them. All of them.

Except that Marc, a charismatic “ladies man,” comes strolling into the shipping department where Seth works and proceeds to tear down every single wall of security Seth has built to protect himself. There is no way Seth can resist. And now hell has to be paid by Seth’s heart. Again.

Marc has only dated women...okay, bedded them. But after taking to bed yet another woman from his office and getting slapped this time—hard—for not being able to even “perform,” he realizes something has to change. Yet Marc has no idea that “change” will be in the gender of the partner he’ll take into his bed...or into his heart...

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